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DegreeQuest is for You

More than 65% of future job openings will require a degree - More than 24 million jobs will require college educated employees. Find the right degrees for you to consider with DegreeQuest!

How Can You Know?

With hundreds of accredited colleges & universities offering thousands of degrees at a distance or on campus, how can you know which are the best options for you to consider? Find out with DegreeQuest!

The Solution: DegreeQuest

DegreeQuest can match your unique academic accomplishments, needs, goals and desires to degrees from colleges and universities across the nation and show you the optimal degrees to consider.

Minimize Loss of Credit in Transfer

With DegreeQuest, you can discover the degrees in which the courses you have taken match the curriculum requirements of participating colleges and universities, maximizing the application of the credit you earned in the past.

College Credit for Military Training

DegreeQuest has every course & occupation evaluated by ACE for the military from 1942 to present in it to serve veterans and military members. Maximize the application of military credit with help from DegreeQuest!

Get Credit for Professional Training

More than a thousand corporations and government agencies have had their professional training evaluated for college credit over the past four decades. Get the credit you deserve with help from DegreeQuest!

Apply Credit by Examinations

Tens of thousands of adult learners each year challenge college level examinations accepted by thousands of colleges nationwide. Explore the application of this credit to degrees in the subject you desire with DegreeQuest.

Some Certifications = College Credit

The American Council on Education has evaluated several professional certifications and licenses in the past. Get the college credit you deserve for the knowledge you demonstrated earning the certifications with DegreeQuest.

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Empowering Students to Find the Best Degrees for Them to Consider from Colleges & Universities Nationwide
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You Are Going to Love DegreeQuest!

Did you know that 56% of all students transfer to another college or university at some point in their pursuit of a degree and more than 90% of them will lose credit in transfer! This is incredibly frustrating to the students who are impacted, as they will have to take more courses, pay more tuition, spend more time in class and studying, buy more textbooks, all to replace the credit that was denied in transfer. With DegreeQuest, it doesn't have to be that way. With our support, students can minimize their loss of credit in transfer.

Are you a veteran with a military transcript that says you deserve a significant amount of college credit for your military training and experiences, yet the college or university that you attended only allowed a few credits to apply toward your degree? Or perhaps an employee of one of more than a thousand corporations or government agencies that has had professional training evaluated for college credit in the past and were told that you had earned a good bit of credit for what you had learned in the advanced technical training you completed, yet found colleges unwilling to award credit for the training? When this happens, it can be just as frustrating to the students as it is when courses taken from accredited colleges in the past are denied in transfer. Frustrating, to say the least. With DegreeQuest, it doesn't have to be that way. With our support, students can maximize the application of their non-traditional credit, such as military credit and professional training at corporations toward degrees in the subjects they desire.

Discover Which Degrees Are Right For You to Consider With DegreeQuest!

Dare to compare - that's what DegreeQuest empowers students to do! Never before have students been empowered to explore where they should stand toward the completion of thousands of degrees from hundreds of accredited colleges and universities across the nation. With DegreeQuest, students do not have to guess which door is the right one for them to open, as our state-of-the-art system makes it possible for them to digitally stream their unique academic accomplishments into the curriculum requirements of degrees that can be completed at a distance, anytime, anywhere. Then, they are empowered to get a preview of what lies behind the doors, as five of the best matches to their needs, goals, and desires will present them with detailed degree plans created in the DegreeQuest system. In essence, this swings the doors wide open on five of the best options for prospective students to see so they can make an informed choice. The days of making uniformed choices regarding the college or university you will attend, hoping you made the right choice are over. DegreeQuest is a game changer! Students are now empowered to make informed decisions before they commit to a particular college or university.

Is DegreeQuest Right for You? Yes, Even If You Are a New Student

Regardless of whether you are new student who will attend college for the first time or a seasoned student who has earned a considerable amount of credit, you need DegreeQuest. If you are a new student, DegreeQuest will enable you to see what degrees are available at a distance in the subject in which you desire to earn a major. You can also see the tuition costs that will likely be required of you, should you select the college as your pathway to a degree. Most importantly, the detailed degree plans you will receive from the colleges and universities you request to hear from will enable you to see what lies ahead - the courses you will take to achieve your goal of earning the degree.

If you are a seasoned student, an adult learner who has already earned a good bit of credit in the past, you need DegreeQuest to help you maximize the application of the credit you have earned and minimize loss of credit in transfer. You also will be able to see the curriculum requirements that have been met with the credit you have earned, as well as the remaining course requirements detailed in the degree plans you will be sent from five of the top matches to your unique academic accomplishments in the past.

Furthering one's education is the single greatest way to contribute to the goal of achieving success. Research has shown that workplace performance of employees of corporations and government agencies significantly improves when they further their education. That is why more adult learners are returning to college today than ever before in the history of this nation. That's precisely why it is so important for you to further your education - so you can become a more valuable asset to your employer or to sharpen your competitive edge when applying for jobs in this tough economy. With our support, we can take you as far as you want to go, from completing high school, to earning college certificates and onward to earning degrees, including Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's, and even doctorate degrees. Let us help you achieve the success that you desire!

Take a few minutes and click on the images at the top of this screen to learn more about DegreeQuest and the National College Counseling Center. The Main Menu in the left hand column will take you to pages that explain the added value we can bring to you. Our goal is your success. Don't delay ... take the DegreeQuest challenge and apply today! After all, our support is free to prospective students.


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